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Guidance services for private and charter schools

Why School Counseling in any School?

I have a poster from The Master Teacher that states:  “If all children had a safe harbor – none would be at risk.”  I’ve kept this poster since 1989 because this speaks to my philosophy about counseling.  We hope that the families from which our students come would be that safe harbor, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.  We hope to provide that safe harbor at school, or the Church, or both.  The bottom line is that, somewhere, children need a safe harbor.  Private and charter schools can offer a safe harbor through meeting not only the academic needs of children but also meeting the emotional  needs. School counseling can offer a variety of ways to meet those needs for students. Some of those services include:

  • Class guidance to reach all students

  • Home visits to link parents with schools

  • Help with linking school to community

  • Individual counseling (Free for students/families)

  • Assist with special education (IEP's)

  •  Assistance in meeting emotional and educational needs of students, families, staff

  • Mediation (close in the gap) between students, parents, staff, administration

  • Leadership training for students

  • Professional development for staff

  •  Parent education

  • Group counseling for students

Cynthia Chausse' is a Florida state certified school counselor for grades Pk through 12. She has 30 years experience as a school counselor, most recently working as a school counselor for Charlotte County Public Schools.  Dr. Chausse' is also a Florida state licensed mental health counselor and has practiced health and wellness counseling in Florida for 30 years. Dr. Chausse' also teaches psychology-related courses at Florida SouthWestern State College. Dr. Chausse' has a passion to promote health and wellness for our future genererations, support for our families and our educators.

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