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Experience matters...

Dr. Cynthia Chausse, Ed.D., L.P.C.,L.M.H.C. is the leading clinician, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Certified Christian Life Coach for Soul Care Solution.  Dr. Chausse' has 30 years experience in mental health and public school counseling. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Chausse' worked as a guidance counselor for three counties in Florida and for public and private mental health clinics in four counties in Florida and now is licensed and practices in both Florida (online only) and Virginia.  She has also coached high school track and cross-country, provided parenting education programs for several counties in Florida, and taught Psychology  at Florida SouthWestern State College. Dr. Chausse' is also an approved supervisor for mental health counselors who are in the process for licensure for both Florida (online only) and Virginia.

She is happily married with one step-daughter and two dogs (who think they are human babies).  Dr. Chausse' and her husband are avid runners, triathletes, kayakkers, hikers, and mountain climbers. Dr. Chausse' has a passion for learning and growing.  Dr. Chausse' believes in the body-mind-spirit connection and uses this connection when working with her clients. 

Under the Palm: Christian Life Coaching for Women

Life Coaching

Are you familiar with Deborah, the ONLY female judge recorded in the Bible (Judges 4 and 5)? Deborah was an amazing woman. A wife, judge, prophetess, warrior and a woman after God's own heart.  Her story is pretty amazing.  This was one woman who cared very deeply for her people, who stood out in faith, guided her commander in chief into battle (actually escorted him because he didn't want to go without her).  As a result of her faith and trust in God and His call, Deborah's people were rescued from oppression.  There are so many things that prevent us from going forward -even when we hear God prompting us and feel His nudge forward - fear, loss of confidence and trust can paralyze us.  Would you like to be more like Deborah?  Is there something in the way of you moving forward? If so, you might benefit from life coaching.

If you are interested in learning more about Christian Life Coaching, please contact Dr. Chausse' at  (276) 329-1261

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