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Health and wellness counseling and coaching services for

adults, adolescents, and children

Path to hope and healing

Where people from all walks of life are guided to the path of hope and healing


I once saw a guy weraring a T-shirt that read: "Being who God called us to be."

This statement is as bold and persistent as the constant challenges we face each day.  We live in a world where the hectic pace has contributed to depression, anxiety, confusion, and frustration (our soul wounds).  Who has the time to focus on who or what God creates us to be?  No wonder our focus is on surviving from day-to-day.  Yet our soul yearns for change, for hope, for peace.  If you find yourself just trying to survive yet yearning for more, or if you find your soul yearning for healing and for hope, Soul Care Solution, PLLC may be your starting point.  We provide Christian counseling based on God's Word.  If you are interested in learning more about us browse our web and contact us.

We are no longer accepting new clients.

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